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June 15 2017



you know what I’m thankful for? the scene in “badda bing, badda bang” in which ben explains that he’s uncomfortable with the vic fontaine program because it presents a sanitized vision of the past that cleanly glosses over the fact that people of color wouldn’t be welcome in an opulent vegas casino in 1962. and then kasidy replies with her thoughts on the importance of reclaiming fantasy, allowing fiction to be more inclusive than historical fact because acting out how things should have been can provide a kind of catharsis. i love that both of their arguments are equally valid responses to media like the vic program. they’re both responses that anyone from a marginalized community can genuinely relate to when it comes to discussing media representation (factual accuracy versus wishful fantasy? retroactive representation versus representation in new media that gives the spotlight to people who haven’t been allowed to be illuminated before?)

it’s yet another example of ds9 not hiding discussions of major social issues behind layers of metaphor. ds9’s constant refrain is “yes, these issues are real and distinct, they happened in the past of this show which is your present dear viewer, and people who are affected by them will still speak and think about them even in a futuristic utopia because they’re a vital part of their identities and it’s important not to forget”

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single and ready 2 flamingle


June 14 2017

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My babies are getting toller than me 🌿🍅

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*whispers of a meme gone by* they crave that mineral

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This is how I like to imagine the universe. A genderless, all-knowing deity allowing free will to her people.



why don’t we talk about thousands of people all over the country protesting in russia today? they’re protesting against medvedev and putin’s corruption (for the second time this year, because they still didn’t get the answers). they’re tired. they just want to see their country free from these toxic people. they want to live in a happy country.

they want answers

they are not their government

(russian constitution - she died for your sins)

hey, tumblr, why don’t we talk about this for a while?



my friends r so talented. rb if ur friends are talented

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Two kinds of dads.

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- I was still too naive. I came from Iowa; nice girl from Iowa, didn’t run away from home, I didn’t hate my parents…
- And you’d never been a man. (x)

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© 2016
Adulthood is a Myth by Sarah Anderson
T: sarahseeanderson

© 2017
It’s All Absolutely Fine by Ruby Elliot
T: rubyetc

© 2013
Hyperbole and a Half by Allie Brosh

I am always searching for female authors, artists and comics. I am so excited to own & read these amazing works. The top two have active tumblrs, also, Sarah’s book has fuzzy letters & it makes me so happy.

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am i the only one not just following @floccinaucinihilipilificationa for the wonderful comics but mostly for their tags

i’m sure i’m not

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Happy Pride!

These designs are available as stickers, coffee mugs, tshirts, and all kinds of other stuff in my shop!

Follow for more pride galaxies and other 8bit space art.

[ace, trans, bisexual, genderflux, genderqueer, demiboy, demigirl, lesbian, rainbow, queer, pansexual, agender]

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tfw you and your best buddy engage in a some casual romulan role play but get carried away and commit a war crime or two

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